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Wolf Truck Model


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Big Commercial Tanker Performance with Real Teeth for a Fight

A wolf in sheep’s clothing? While the HME Wolf looks like a 2,000-gallon commercial tanker on the outside, under it’s corrosion resistant, HME stainless steel hide, there’s a tough rural attack truck waiting to attack.

The Wolf’s optional PTO pump gives the HME Wolf some real teeth when it comes to a fight, with 500-GPM to 750-GPM fire suppression performance. And, with its integrated suspension control systems, the Wolf is ready to prowl with improved stability and handling to protect your crews and equipment on the road for years to come.

The HME WOLF offers additional firefighting functionality in a traditional commercial tanker design.

Built on a proven and durable commercial chassis, the HME WOLF carries a 2,000-gallon tank, as well as a PTO pump to provide firefighting performance ratings from 500-GPM to 750-GPM.

To improve stability and handling, the HME WOLF incorporates an integrated suspension control systems to reduce the risk of rollovers and loss of control common to high-center-of-gravity tanker designs.

The HME stainless steel body and aircraft quality bolted construction deliver years of corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. HME storage solutions, offer ample room for equipment and gear, to expand the functionality of this versatile commercial tanker and make it an excellent choice for rural attack truck operations.


  • Proven commercial tanker chassis and drive train.
  • HME custom chassis options available.
  • PTO pump delivers 500-GPM to 750-GPM performance.
  • Advanced HME integrated suspension control system provides stability and improved handling.
  • Corrosion resistant HME stainless steel body deliver years of easy maintenance and extended service life.
  • 2,000-gallon water tank.
  • Functionality to operate as a dedicated rural attack truck.