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CAT Johnsville


The City Attack Truck That's up to Scratch in Performance and Value

The HME CAT™ (City Attack Truck) has been designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of high volume urban fire and rescue operations.

Low and easy-to-access hosebeds and equipment and gear storage, along with unique HME storage compartments, backed-up with powerful and dependable HME Hydra Technology™, give this City Attack Truck some sharp claws when fast response and efficiency are a must.

Durable and agile HME custom chassis options, along with a corrosion resistant, stainless steel body, give this CAT™ more than nine lives when it comes dependable service and value.

The City Attack Truck designed with the right mix of performance, durability and value

The life of a dedicated City Attack Truck is not an easy one. That’s why the HME CAT™ was created – to deliver non-stop performance, around the clock, for departments with high call activity levels – places where a fire truck needs more than nine-lives to survive.

From its tight-turning custom or commercial HME chassis, to its rugged stainless steel body, packed with fire and rescue options and features, the HME CAT™ is quick and dependable and ready to pounce, call-after-call, with the fire suppression power and equipment you want in your City Attack Truck.


  • HME custom or commercial chassis options.
  • Rugged and corrosion resistant stainless steel body.
  • HME Hydra Technology™ with up to 2,250-GPM performance.
  • 700-to-900 gallon water tank options.
  • Optional Compressed Air Foam Systems.
  • Low-Stow™ equipment mounting for backboards, pike poles, ladders and hoses.
  • Choice of roll-up or slam doors.