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CAT Johnsville


Streetwise City Attack Truck

The HME Ahrens-Fox CAT™ (City Attack Truck) has been designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of high volume urban fire and rescue operations.

Low, easy-to-access hosebeds and storage compartments, combined with powerful and dependable HME Hydra Technology™, give this City Attack Truck sharp claws when fast response and efficiency are a must.

Durable and agile HME custom chassis options, along with a corrosion resistant, stainless steel body, featuring aircraft quality modular construction, offer dependable and economical service and value for years to come.

Designed with the right mix of performance, durability and value

The life of a dedicated City Attack Truck demands versatility, in fire and operations - plus extreme durability. That’s why the CAT™ was created – to deliver non-stop performance, around the clock, for departments with high call activity levels.

From its tight-turning custom or commercial HME chassis to its rugged stainless steel body, packed with fire and rescue options and features, the CAT™ is quick and dependable, call-after-call, with the fire suppression power and equipment you demand in your City Attack Truck.


  • Custom or commercial chassis options
  • Rugged and corrosion resistant stainless steel body
  • HME Hydra Technology™ with up to 2,250-GPM performance
  • 700-to-900 gallon water tank options
  • Optional compressed air foam systems.
  • Low-Stow™ equipment mounting for backboards, pike poles, ladders, and hoses
  • Choice of roll-up or slam doors