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HME SilverFox Urban Edition

SilverFox™ Urban Edition

More Room. More Power. More Performance.

HME has taken the proven performance, value and versatility of the HME SilverFox® and engineered a dedicated urban fire and rescue apparatus that was made command urban fire and rescue operations. With the addition of a larger 100-inch wide cab, with secure medical cabinet options, a more powerful 400-hp engine, the same tight-turning radius and agility of the original HME SilverFox®, with the addition of a 12-inch lower hosebed for faster response and deployment, the HME SilverFox® delivers the streetwise capability that urban fire departments have been demanding.

Built Tough to Endure the Rigors of Non-Stop City Operations

Urban environments provide a testing ground for fire apparatus durability. Built on a tough and proven HME 1871W® Custom Chassis, the HME SilverFox® Urban Edition was made for unrelenting and unforgiving city operations. Along with its corrosion resistant stainless steel body, featuring the aircraft quality, modular construction, the HME SilverFox® Urban Edition offers years of easy maintenance, as well as economical and fast repairs.


  • HME 1871W® Custom Chassis
  • 52Ëš Cramp turn angle
  • 100-inch wide cab
  • 12-inch raised roof
  • Secure medical cabinet options
  • Crew positions and SCBA seating can be configured to meet individual specifications
  • 400-hp engine
  • HME Hydra Technology™
  • 1250-GPM-side mount pump
  • 500-gallon Poly water tank
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel body featuring aircraft quality construction
  • Roll-up doors
  • Pull-through trays, shelves, and response storage solutions
  • 12-Lower Hosebed for easier access
  • Alco alloy wheels