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HME SilverFox<sup>®</sup>

SilverFox™ Pumpers

America's Best Value in Custom Pumper Performance, Quality, and Affordability

The SilverFox® line of pumpers has earned its reputation as America’s favorite custom pumper by delivering an uncompromised combination of performance and outstanding quality – at a very affordable price.

The SilverFox® pumpers deliver extreme performance and functionality from the ground up with your choice of a custom HME Ahrens-Fox chassis, or commercial chassis (SFC07), HME Ahrens-Fox Stainless Steel body, and HME storage solutions. Discover America’s best value in custom pumper engineering and design today with the HME Ahrens-Fox SilverFox®.



SilverFox™ SF07

  • HME SFO® chassis.
  • 330-horsepower engine, five-speed transmission, pushbutton selector.
  • High rescue style stainless steel corrosion resistant body
  • 56-cubic feet of compartment storage space with optional tool-boards, drawers and trays.
  • Large rear storage compartment stores NFPA-compliant ladder package, pike poles, and suction hose or stokes basket.
  • HME Hydra Technology™ 1,250 GPM rated performance, 1,000-gallon tank.
  • Side-mount or top-mount pump controls.

  • 65-cubic foot hosebed with adjustable hosebed dividers.
  • Two 1¾-inch crosslay hosebeds.
  • Two 2½-inch discharges on the left, one 2½- and one three-inch large-diameter hose (LDH) discharge on the right side, and one 2½-inch right-rear discharge plus a three-inch deck gun discharge.
  • NFPA compliant ladder package includes 24-foot extension, 14' roof and 10' folding ladders.
  • NFPA stainless steel, slip resistant step surfaces.
  • NFPA compliant LED emergency lighting package.
  • Federal PA-300 siren with recessed speaker and dual, recessed air horns in front bumper.
  • Heavy-duty front and rear heaters with 45,000-BTU air-conditioning system.
  • Polished Aluminum wheels.

SilverFox™ SF22

  • HME 1871-w® chassis.


SilverFox™ SF18

  • HME SFO® chassis.

SilverFox™ SFC07

  • International HV507 commercial chassis.