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Detroit Rescue


Designed Smart and Built Smart to Meet Sophisticated Rescue Demands

HME has decades of experience in building and designing custom and commercial rescue apparatus to meet a wide range of rescue demands and needs.

From Homeland Defense, to medical emergencies, swiftwater rescues, scuba operations, auto accidents, building, construction and confined space rescues, rope rescues, command and control operations, and more, HME can create exactly the rescue apparatus required to satisfy individual department’s tactics and strategies.

Rescue-Hazmat, Heavy Rescue and Pumper Rescues to meet the demand for increasingly sophisticated rescue apparatus.

HME Rescues come in all shapes, sizes and capacities to meet a wide range of dedicated rescue operations and applications. From Heavy Rescues, to the mini-rescue HME PackRat, HME has a rescue solution to meet regional needs and requirements.

Stainless steel bodies and customized rescue equipment storage solutions offer extreme durability, functionality and performance. HME designs rescue apparatus to meet dedicated rescue applications for every type of environment or emergency.

HME works with departments to create custom solutions for the integration of specialized rescue equipment and gear.


  • Commercial and chassis options.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel body.
  • Optimized storage solutions for more gear and equipment.
  • Pull-through shelving for highway rescue operations.
  • Innovative storage solutions for specialized equipment.
  • Optional lighting and command and control packages.
  • Custom built to meet dedicated service for confined space, collapse, high-rise, hazardous material mitigation, homeland defense operations and more.