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The Next Generation of Pumper Technology, Functionality and Performance

The HME RSVP represents the next generation of smart fire apparatus with advanced technology and evolutionary engineering.

By replacing the pump-under-cab concept with a new touch-screen valve controlled, forward pump system and a galvanized frame, poly water tank, powered hosebeds, and expanded cab design, this fire apparatus sets the new benchmark for pumper functionality and performance.

Revolutionizing custom pumper design, construction, functionality and performance.

The HME RSVP cab features a new roof line to accommodate a ceiling evaporator. The reconfiguration of the cab provides more interior space for a crew of up to eight firefighters. The stainless steel body offers optimized storage systems for gear and equipment.

The enclosed pump design, innovative operating platform, along with HME Hydra Technology™ and a 1500-GPM rating, offer efficient and effective fire suppression power and control.

Powered aluminum hosebed covers, a durable poly water tank, and a galvanized frame add improved functionality, durability and value. An integrated stability control system improves handling and prevents possible rollovers.



  • HME 1871-W® custom chassis.
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized frame.
  • Advanced enclosed pump functionality. 
  • Touch-screen valve controls.
  • Innovative operator platform.
  • Poly water tank.
  • Stainless steel body with optimized storage solutions. 
  • Hydra Technology™ 1500-GPM rating.
  • Powered hosebed covers.
  • Integrated stability control system.