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HME ExtremeRat™

HME ExtremeRat™

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Taking Rapid Attack Truck Capability and Performance to the Extreme

The HME ExtremeRat™ has changed the game in rapid attack truck capability and performance. With its custom 4x4 HME SFO® chassis and wide, floating Super Single tires there’s practically nowhere on earth this fully functional rapid attack pumper can’t go.

HME has also evolved the look and toughness of the HME RAT™ body with extreme graphic design elements – right down to its distinctive hubcaps.

When extreme conditions call for extreme measures the HME ExtremeRat™ is ready to answer the call.

The HME ExtremeRat™ is built on a custom 4x4 HME SFO® chassis that allows this unique rapid attack truck to access environments with confidence, and cover terrain like no other truck in its class today.

Wide profile, Super Single tires provide excellent float and traction over soft ground and sand making the HME ExtremeRat™ the go-to rapid attack truck for waterfront fire and rescue operations.

HME Hydra Technology™ provides dependable and powerful fire suppression. Thoughtful and well design storage solutions offer ample room for rescue and emergency gear and equipment.



  • HME SFO® custom 4x4 chassis.
  • Super Single Tires for extreme flotation in sand or over soft ground.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel body.
  • HME Hydra Technology™ for maximum fire suppression power.
  • Through-tank storage for ladders and tools.
  • Flexible custom storage solutions for rescue equipment and gear.
  • Available in standard and individual fire department paint schemes.