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Reaching New Heights In Aerial Design, Performance and Technology

HME Aerial Products introduces a new era of performance and functionality with its exclusive and innovative line of ladder and tower apparatus.  The first aerial apparatus released in the new line is the all-new HME HAF80L 80-ft Ladder.

The HME HAF80L 80-ft Ladder features a number of proprietary, patent-pending innovations engineered by HME to enhance aerial operation, performance and capability.  The HAF80L 80-ft Ladder is built on a custom HME chassis with aerial style, stainless steel body and HME Hydra TechnologyTM.

HME HAF80L 80-ft Ladder:  a new dimension in aerial reach, engineering, construction and technology.

The HME HAF80L 80-ft Ladder's steel ladder construction features a stainless steel pedestal control stand with ergonomic guardrails to optimize turntable workspace.  The design also incorporates patent-pending LED run alignment indicators for precision alignment, plus responsive joystick ladder controls.  Hot-dipped galvanized out-riggers also deliver a long, dependable, maintenance-free service life.

Built on an HME aerial chassis the HME HAF80L is agile and highly maneuverable.  Its corrosion resistant stainless steel aerial style body with ample storage solutions for equipment and gear provides additional functionality and performance.

Integrated HME Hydra TechnologyTM offers powerful and effective fire suppression power.  New and innovative HME valve control rod design offers precision performance and durability.  New automatic electronic fluid level monitoring systems also provide additonal convenience and apparatus protection.


  • Proprietary HME aerial/tower design and construction.
  • 80-ft 3 section steel ladder.
  • Patent-pending LED rung alignment indicators.
  • Responsive joystick controls.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized outriggers.
  • HME 1871-W® Aerial chassis.
  • HME Hydra TechnologyTM.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel aerial style body.
  • Flexible storage solutions.
  • Meets or exceeds NFPA 1901 Standards.