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Smart, Tough, Platform Performance

Another product of total vertical integration of on-site engineering and manufacturing processes, HME Ahrens-Fox introduces the HAF104P, a 104-foot Platform, to its comprehensive line of HME Aerial Products.  The HAF104P provides additional rescue functionality and platform security, while sharing all the advanced features, technologies and advantages of today’s HME Aerial Products line.

Innovative Engineering and Control Technology 

The HAF104P combines smart platform design, a stainless steel turntable with HME steel, four-section ladder. The ladder features HME proprietary, patent-pending, LED rung-alignment technology, for secure and safe deployment, even in compromised light conditions. An integrated obstacle avoidance system also to prevents collisions with unseen obstacles or buildings to enhance safety and enhance operation performance. The rear-mount smart platform design also features joystick technology for precision control required security, in critical aerial rescue operations.



  • HME Ahrens-Fox Spectr® Custom Aerial Chassis 
  • 100-inch Wide Tilt-Cab with Notched 12-inch Raised Roof
  • 104-foot, four section, rear mount HME Ahrens-Fox Steel Ladder with smart platform
  • Proprietary Obstacle Avoidance System Technology
  • Patent-Pending LED Rung-Alignment Technology
  • Precision Joystick Controls
  • 1750-GPM HME Ahrens-Fox Hydra Technology™
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Double Frame Rails and Outriggers
  • Six-by-Four Tandem Rear Axle
  • Corrosion Resisting Stainless Steel Aerial Style Body with Modular Aircraft Quality Construction