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CNG Green Alternative

Green Alternative CNG Power

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The Nation’s First “Clean and Green” Emergency Response Vehicle

The first of its kind, an all new fire, EMS and rescue response vehicle powered by a clean emission, compressed natural gas (CNG) engine. A field tested Cummins Westport CNG engine has been selected to power the vehicle. There are over 20,000 Cummins Westport engines in service worldwide, many of which operate in the toughest duty cycle - the urban bus market. Vehicle owners report less oil consumption, improved idling, longer intervals between service calls and a lower cost operating per mile. All this is accomplished through the use of clean domestically produced, compressed natural gas fuel. Not only are we introducing a vehicle specifically tailored for the high-frequency EMS, rescue and fire runs that dominate the fire service today, but now we can fulfill our mission in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. In fact, the engine is so environmentally efficient, it easily meets present EPA emissions standards without the use of the expensive filters and exhaust gas treatment devices that are needed on conventional Diesel engines.

Same Benefits More Advantages

Natural gas vehicles offer Americans the answer to an ever growing question of how do we lesson our dependency on foreign oil. NGVs offer more advantages than diesel and gasoline powered vehicles. They run cleaner, more affordably and it is odorless, colorless and tasteless.

Optional light group packages are available. The on board Auxiliary Power Natural Gas generator will power all light groups when main chassis engine is shut down. The auxiliary power unit (APU) supports the 12-volt electrical system of the chassis.  This saves fuel, further lowers emissions, and reduces service intervals of the chassis engine.

How to fill up?

Filling is quick and easy using either the traditional style dispenser nozzle or the flex-hose dispenser found at filling stations through out the country. With most fire stations already having a natural gas line run to their building, a dispenser unit can be installed on site for even more convenient filling.



  • Stainless steel high-cubic footage rescue style body
  • 750-GPM pump with 500-gallon tank
  • Green Alternative - CNG Power generator power patented MAD DOG™ (CAFS)
  • Innovative storage designs provide easy access to gear, hoses and ladders
  • Equipped with advanced, energy efficient, high quality LED light systems.
  • Mounted SFO compact chassis for unrivaled maneuverability