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All Truck Types

Custom Pumpers

A variety of chassis, body, hosebed, pump, pump module, and ladder storage configurations, combined with a full list of practical options ensure your truck is built to meet the needs of your department and your community.

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The 104' Platform integrates the latest control and safety systems and technology for precision performance and functionality.

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The 111' Ladder brings premium aerial performance and functionality within reach.

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Compact, agile and capable. The 51' tower offers precision joystick controls, integrated rescue winch and more.

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Light-Duty Rescue

The HME Ahrens-Fox light-duty rescue offers an economical solution for high-volume rescue and emergency call environments. A rugged 4x4 commercial chassis and stainless steel rescue-style body provides years of dependable service.

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Mini Pumpers

The evolution of mini-pumper engineering and functionality is here. The HME Ahrens-Fox MiniEvo™ features an industry leading 1500-GPM side mount pump, expanded stainless steel body, on a rugged Ford F-550 4x4 or RAM 5500 4x4 chassis.

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SilverFox™ Pumpers

The SilverFox™ pumper delivers an uncompromising performance and custom pumper performance an affordable price.

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SilverFox™ Tankers

A 2,000-gallon commercial tanker with a corrosion resistant stainless steel body and PTO pump provides versatility and value.

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Custom and Commercial Super Tankers, with capacities of up to 3,000 gallons, equipped with portable tanks, special options and gear to provide support for every need.

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Type 1 Interface

The HME Ahrens-Fox Type 1 introduced the agile and rugged HME SFO™ chassis to interface operations. Provides specialized fire suppression and storage solutions.

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Type 3

The HME Type 3 Wildland is the proven workhorse of wildland and wildfire operations. A tough, 4x4 commercial chassis and modular stainless steel body deliver years of easy maintenance and economical service in rugged environments.

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Type 6 MUV

The Type 6 MUV (Multi-Use-Vehicle) expands functionality and value in a small fire and rescue vehicle for urban, rural, brush truck and wildfire attack operations.

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Type 6 Wildland

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Offering industry leading pump performance and functionality with specialized equipment and gear for brush and wildland operations.

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The HME Wildland Urban Interface (WUI™) effectively combines Type 1 and Type 3 functionality and performance.

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