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The Perfect Balance of Wildland and Interface Functionality

The AF-WUI merges the high-clearance capability of the HME 34 Type III Wildland with the functionality, exceptional handling and storage capacity of the HME Model 18 Type I Interface. It’s the perfect balance of capabilities made to lead a revolution in wildland engineering and design.

Introducing the AF-Water Distribution System™

The AF-WUI features an innovative and space-saving, patent-pending Water Distribution System™ optimizes water inlet and outlet configuration, around the truck, eliminating wasted space and creating more storage space for essential equipment and crew members’ gear.  HME engineers have also integrated advanced Glass Screen pump controls, that can be operated, with just a touch of the finger, inside the cab or outside the truck, for greater efficiency and improved operator safety.

A 1500-GPM pump, with a foam and deck gun provide additional structure protection capability. A diesel driven pump supports pump-and-roll operations. The system incorporates two front bumper lines, two lines on each side of the truck, dual rear lines, a cross-lay bed, two booster reels and connections for relay pumping. An optional Ahrens-Fox MadDogxl Compressed Air Foam System, available in three ratings ranging up to 200-CFM, is also available. Ground sweep nozzles on the front bumper, allow the truck to operate in Black or Red Zones. 

Ground clearance, clean cab and body designed to climb and move through wildland obstacle with ease

Built on an HME Ahrens-Fox custom, high-clearance SFO® 4x4 chassis, the AF-WUI is designed to climb over off-road wildland obstacles that stop other apparatus in their tracks. An extreme tight-turn radius also allows the AF-WUI to negotiate twisting two-tracks and mountain trails with ease. Its 96” wide MFD-XL cab enhances crew comfort for high-mileage operations common in extended wildland operations. Super Single, or dual rear tire configurations, with optional automatic tire inflation systems, provide optimal float over a wide range of terrain and surfaces. A flat roof, free of obstructions, allows access under overhanging obstacles. A tough, corrosion resistant Type I Interface body provides ample storage for specialized Wildland and Interface tools, gear and equipment



  • HME Ahrens-Fox SFO® 4x4 Chassis
  • 96” wide MFD-XL cab
  • Flat roof line free of obstructions
  • Hard cover top compartment covers
  • Patent-Pending Distributed Water Distribution System™
  • 1500-GPM Pump with foam and deck gun
  • Optional MadDogxl Compressed Air Foam Systems
  • Bumper mounted ground sweep nozzles
  • Two booster reels 
  • Diesel pump supports pump-and-roll operations
  • Rigid Industries off-road lightbar with Active View Technology
  • Whelen V-Series™, Combination 180° Warning and Perimeter Lights
  • Cab steps, cab and compartment LED lighting offer selective red or white lighting