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HME Ahrens-Fox Adds Collision Prevention Solution
HAAS Handheld Devices

Wyoming, MICH (May 24, 2022) - HME Ahrens-Fox (HME or the Company), a privately owned manufacturer of custom-built fire apparatus, has added HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud as a standard feature on all configurations of its custom apparatus. The preinstalled solution will include three years of Safety Cloud prepaid service to dovetail with the Company’s three-year apparatus warranty.

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HME Ahrens-Fox Adds Clean Cab Options with Active Air Purification
Active Air System 3

Wyoming, MICH (May 24, 2022) - HME Ahrens-Fox (HME or the Company), a privately owned manufacturer of custom-built fire apparatus, has expanded its Clean Cab offering to sanitize the atmosphere inside the cab and protect firefighters from microbials including a broad collection of viruses, bacteria and VOCs.

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HME Ahrens-Fox Facilitates Transformation of Monroe County (GA) Emergency Services Operating Model with Order of 12 Custom Fire Apparatus
Monroe County Group

Wyoming, MICH - HME Ahrens-Fox (HMEAF or the Company) acknowledged the leadership of both the Monroe County Fire Apparatus Committee and the Emergency Services Department in conceptualizing, and subsequently delivering, a new deployment model that equalizes incident service levels across the disparate needs of the county, reduces operating expenses within their combination department, and improves firefighter safety.

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HME Ahrens-Fox Considered Essential During COVID-19
Contact Page - Facility

To all of our Valued Customer and Partners,

In view of the recent restrictions Michigan's Governor has placed in motion in an attempt to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we want to reassure all of you, that the products and services we provide are in direct support of “Critical Manufacturing”. As such, HME Ahrens-Fox will remain open during this difficult time.

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Are You Following the Trail of the Wildland Revolution?
Hero - Trucks

If you’re not following the trail of the Wildland Revolution, maybe it’s time you took a look at the full story behind the Wildland Urban Interface that has set the standard as the combination of Type-I and Type-III engines – the Ahrens-Fox WUI™, from HME Ahrens-Fox.

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