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The University of Notre Dame Fire Department Places HME MiniEvo in Service

The Notre Dame Fire Department in Notre Dame, Indiana, has taken delivery of an all-new HME Ahrens-Fox MiniEvo, which is mounted on a 2014 Ford F-550 chassis with seating for six.


University of Notre Dame

The truck includes exclusive HME Ahrens-Fox Hydra Technology™, a 1,500-gpm Hale DSD midship pump, 6.7-liter OHV Power Stroke Diesel V8 B20 engine, torque capability of 660 pounds at 1,600 rpm, six-speed torque shift, AM/FM stereo CD player, stainless steel piping, panels and framework , Gortite roll-up doors, LED light system, Fire Research TankVision, 1½ double stack pump house crosslays, Hale FoamLogix 2.1A system with a Class A foam tank, and a 400-gallon rectangular water T-Tank.

Source: Fire Apparatus Magazine