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HME Extreme Rat (HXR) Fire Apparatus Takes on Cal Fire Academy Training Course

HME Extreme Rat (HXR) 

HME, Incorporated as just returned from Northern California to test out the all-new HXR. Proven from trials on the rugged Cal Fire Academy training course and the Department of Forestry’s tilt table, the HXR can handle a wide range of terrains and environments.

Options include 4x2 on-highway or 4x4 off-road capability, along with wide, low-profile super-single tires that provide optimal traction on soft-ground, sand, and over extreme obstacles.

HME’s proprietary, modular mounting system isolates the water tank and tank frame from chassis stress and twist. The body mounting system keeps the stainless steel body independent of stresses transferred from the chassis and subframe. This engineering improves apparatus durability and life while optimizing truck stability and control in uneven and extreme terrain applications.

 HME Extreme Rat (HXR)

On road or off road, HXR™ engineering provides optimal stability, handling, and turn radius. Built on a custom HME SFO® (Short-Front-Overhang) chassis, HXR™ engineering excelled in lane-change testing, with a filled water tank, keeping all four tires planted on the road and in control at all times.

Engineered for rapid attack truck operations in a wide range of environments, HXR™’s 4x2 and 4x4 capability, high ground clearance, 1,500-gpm pump performance, off-road vertical exhaust system design, durable stainless steel body, and ample rescue storage solutions offer a capable, efficient and cost-effective fire apparatus solution.

Source: Fire Apparatus Magazine